By Love - Please accompany me to the Holt Ilsan Center.


Holt Ilsan Center is a village for residents with disabilities in Tanhyeon-dong. It operates daily care, medication, sports and occupational rehabilitation for peaceful and stable lives.

Type Name Max Num
(Num of Residents)
Living Facility for the Disabled Holt Town 60 There are 200 disabled residents. More than 100 faculty supports our residents’ daily lives through rehabilitation training and therapy program with individual supporting plans.
Living Facility for the Disabled Holt Home 155
Vocational Rehabilitation Facility for the Disabled Holt Workshop 80 It supports independent social life with a job through providing occupational training and works for people with severe disabilities.
Sports Facility for the Disabled Holt Gym 150 It supports healthy life and physical development for the disabled through exercises.
- Wheelchair Basketball Team, Taekwondo program etc..
Day Care Center for the Disabled Holt Day Care Center 18 This is a facility to care people with disabilities from a local community whom families cannot care for a day. It enlarges individual rehabilitation abilities through vaious programs.
Group Home for the Disabled Group Home A 4 There are two group homes for residents who have willings and abilities for independence. The residents becomes a member of local community with help from social workers. They are still working for complete independence from the center.
Group Home B 4
Organization Chart