By Love - Please accompany me to the Holt Ilsan Center.


  • 1Naomi Home (1st Floor)

    Home for married couples

  • 2Joseph Home (2nd Floor)

    Home for adult males

  • 3Holt School

    Special school for disable students in Goyang

  • 4Day Care Service Center (1st Floor)

    Center for the disabled who need help during a day

  • 5Therapy Center (2nd Floor)

    Physical, speech and occupation therapy for residents

  • 6Holt Church

    Church for Residents

  • 7Holt Memorial Hall

    exhibit Holt history, spirit, present, future (Mon~Fri 10:00 ~ 17:00)

  • 8Faith Home

    Home for school aged residents

  • 9Holt Clinic
  • 10Parking Lot
  • 11Main Gate
  • 12Graves of the Holts

    Place for graves of the Holts who established Holt Children Services.

  • 13Esther Home
  • 14Molly’s House

    House which is built by Harry Holt. Now her daughter, Molly Holt, lives in the house.

  • 15Love Home

    Home for severe disable residents

  • 16Resident Houses

    Houses for disable residents

  • 17Main Office (1st Floor)
  • 18Sharon/Lily Home (2nd Floor)

    Homes for female residents

  • 19Cafeteria
  • 20Sharing Store

    Sells items which were supported by individuals and companies.

  • 21Holt Gym

    Sports programs for residents and Holt Wheelchair Basketball Team

  • 22Holt Workshop

    working place for the disabled. Support for independence through occupational trainings.

  • 23Holt Café

    First floor of Holt Workshop, Good coffee with good price with good baristas. It also sells cookies, pottery, bean sprouts.

  • 24Farm for Rehabilitation

    Farm for our residents

  • 25Entrance of Laundry
  • 26Swimming Pool
  • 27Maintenance Room
  • 28Dumping Area for Separated Garbage
  • 29Gate of Holt Workshop
  • 30Back Gate