By Love - Please accompany me to the Holt Ilsan Center.

Holt Ilsan Center

Holt Ilsan Center supports our residents what they want to do by themselves to derive their potentiality and ability through various rehabilitation to restore their physical and intellectual functions.

Holt Ilsan Center opened with a name "Holt Ilsan Welfare Town" in 1961 as a child welfare institution and has been working for children who could not be adopted and have the disability for about 40 years.
Now, more than 70 percent of the 200 residents have become adults over the age of 18, and 85 percent of the total population is composed of residents with severe mental retardation and brain disorder.
Therefore, we needed to provide professional service for each resident as permanent care so we divided Holt Ilsan Home (Nursing Care Home for the severely handicapped persons) and Holt Ilsan Welfare Town (Facility for the rehabilitation of mentally retarded persons) in Jan.
1st, 1999. Holt School, a special education institution, was founded for education of the disable children in 1975, Holt Workshop opened in 1987, where could help the disabled prepare for the society.
Furthermore, there are therapy center, Holt Gym and Holt Clinic.
The warm heart of Harry Holt who wanted to become a special town for each resident is melting in the entire center.

The DisabledHolt Ilsan Center is a residential facility for the disabled and our subject is the disabled.
NormalizationThe disabled should live in a common life, not a special life so the disabled should be able to live in the same way as the general assumption, even if the disabled live in a facility.
LeadThe disabled have the right to lead their lives and they have to lead.
As a Family

Holt Ilsan Center leads our residents to live in environment of family from the 60s according to Harry Holt's belief. This is the basic principal of our service to our residents as traditional. Ultimately, we hope every resident being independent from the center and have family in local community. Holt Ilsan Center hopes home life, not a facility.

Together with Whole Life

Holt Ilsan Center established a special school when our children grew up for school. Holt Workshop was established for our adult residents who graduated from the school. We also arrange a marriage if our residents want to marry other resident. Holt Ilsan Center has been providing various and individual services for each resident. Holt Ilsan Center spends with our residents to share their entire lives

Supporting a Village

There are several families, school, church, clinic and workshop in Holt Ilsan Center. It forms a small village in itself. However, we are not satisfied with the present and actively support to be more advanced and comfortable. We also support our residents to participate in local community. Holt Ilsan Center is a village, not a living facility.

Cooperation Makes Our Residents Happy.

Holt Ilsan Center dreams happy society for all people. For this, we have to help each other. If everybody helps cooperate among neighborhood, local community, government, the power will be stronger. Holt Ilsan Center does always its best to complementary cooperation through communication and support.