By Love - Please accompany me to the Holt Ilsan Center.
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Holtilsan Center


Overseas Voluenteer

Overseas Volunteer Program operates with foreigners who apply for volunteer work through the US Oregon HICS or Holy Ilsan Center, and offers great experience with our residents through various programs and activities.

How to Apply

If you are interested in volunteering at Holt Ilsan center, please download a form of application for volunteering and volunteering packet that explains about volunteering at the center and your life in Korea. Please read carefully and send the application to We are going to look over your application and send you our reply. Only thing you have to recognize is that volunteer is able to volunteer for 1-3 months.

Application Volunteer Packet
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Outside Activities

  • Go to the nearby park, here you find shady spots with benches, a water fountain, and outdoor fitness machines. How to find the park? – when you go out of the Holt main gate turn left, cross the street at the intersection and turn left, walk up hill for about 400 meters the park entrance is on your right. If you go further up hill and cross the next intersection there is another park, here you can find a running track, a basket court and soccer field.
  • The residents love to go for ice cream or a soda in a nearby shop. Take them in and let them do as much as they can by themselves.
  • Take a walk around Holt grounds, some of the residents like to sit and watch people work or go by. You can maybe sing or tell a story while you sit.
  • Take coloring books and crayons outside. There is a bench and a table by Holt school.

Inside Activities

  • You can go to the gymnasium. In the daytime it might be rented out to someone from the community, but if it is empty you can play ball or watch if someone is playing.
  • The activity center is located in the medical clinic. When you walk in and turn left immediately, walk to the end of the corridor and on your right is a glass door, this is activity center.
  • Play music, maybe you have some on your iPod or computer, you’ll find small speakers in the room.